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SJ90 PET Strap Band/Belt/Tape Extrusion Line
SJ90 PET Strap Band/Belt/Tape Extrusion Line


PET strap band belt tape extrusion line is a complete line to make PET strap band/belt for packing from PET recycled flakes, including drying system, feeding system, extrusion system, cooling system, and many steps of haul-off & forming system. PET strap band/belt is popular product in packing industry field, the raw materials can be 100% PET recycled flakes, no need to make PET pellets, it is a economic and profitable investement project in PET recycling industry, now we have different models to meet customer's different requests for different capacity such as one strap line, double strap line and 4 strap line.


SJ-90 PET Strap Band/Belt Double Extrusion Line


A. Technical Request

1. Strap Spec.      9-19 X 1.0mm      Strap Qty: 2

                         25, 32mm          Strap Qty: 1

2. Strap Tolerance   Width: 9-16mm ±0.5mm            19-25mm ±0.7mm

                           Thickness: 0.5-0.8mm ±0.05     0.9-1.4mm ±0.06mm

                           (Meet the standard of machine strap)

3. Capacity: f.e. 19X1mm double strap: 4.8-5T/24h

4. Power: 380V 50HZ (3 phases 5 wires)

5. Workshop: L 50m×W 8m×H 8m

6. Water consumption: 30m³ Circulation pool, circulation speed: 0.2m³/min

7. Air consumption: Air pressure: 0.6MPa, 0.1m³/min


B. Equipment List

1.    Screw Loader                                                    2

2.    STG-1600 Hot Air Dryer                                    1

3.    CSG-4000 Molecular Sieve Dehumidifier          1

4.    Drying Tower 4000L                                         1

5.    IV Improver Dosing Feeder                              1

6.    Main material Dosing Feeder                           1

7.    SJ90-30 Single Screw Extruder                        1

8.    Fiber Screen Changer                                     1

9.    Dosing Pump                                                   2

10. Molds                                                                3

11. Water Tank with Dryer                                      1

12. First Haul-off                                                     1

13. Constant Temperature Oven                            1

14. First Stretching Preheating Machine                 1

15. First Stretching Machine                                   1

16. Constant Temperature Oven                            1

17. Second Stretching with Embossing Haul-off      1

18. Forming Oven and Water Tank                        1

19. Second Haul-off                                                1

20. Strap Air Cooling Roller                                    1

21. Third Haul-off                                                   1

22. Double Winder                                                 2

23. Mold Temperature Machine                             2

24. Strap Stretching Electric Cabinet                     1

25. Filter Vacuum Cleaning Oven                          1


More Pictures of PET strap band/belt extrusion machine @ Suzhou Believe Machinery Co.,LTD


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