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Crushers for PE film,PP bags,PET bottles
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Our plastic PE film PP bags PET bottles crushers/grinders can process both soft plastics and hard plastics like PE film,PP woven bags,big bags, PET bottles, PS blocks. The rotor are very strong and processed by heat treatment and dynamic balance, the knives are made of SKD11, the knives position is designed to “V” angle, to make sure the materials will be forward to middle not to the two sides, the wall of both sides are equiped with wear plates, and the bearings are placed outside to aviod any damages by water.

The capacity of plastic PE film PP bags PET bottles crushers / grinders is from 200kg/h to 1500kg/h.

ModelPower(KW)Rotary KnivesFixed KnivesSize of RotorCapacity(Kg/h)
For Film
For Rigid

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