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EPS/XPS Foam Pelletizing Line
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This EPS/XPS foam compactor pelletizing/granulating line is suitable for recycled pressed block of EPS foam and Xps foam, LDPE film, LLDPE film,HDPE film,HDPE bags,PP woven bags,PP fiber,PP tapes,etc. It is compactor pelletizing line which means the compactor is combined with the screw directly, this design is from EREMA, the advantage is more stable feeding, more stable output, easy to cut and get uniform pellets, more efficient and save more energy.

The EPS/XPS Foam compactor Pelletizing Line normally consist of:
– Screw loader
– Feeding bunker
– Main extruder
– Filter
– Die face cutter
– Dewatering machine
– Blower and storage hopper
– Electric control panel

ModelFirst Screw Dia (mm/LD)Second Screw Dia(mm/LD)Capacity (Kg/h)

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