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PVC Profile Extrusion Line

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PVC Profile Extrusion Line Introduction:

1. The line is designed for producing variety plastic profiles. It is mainly used to produce PVC door & window series profiles. Special size profile solution can be customized according to drawings provided by customers. Please confirm with us by sending dimensions, applications and photos to check whether we have applicable machines.
2. The line is developed by our company with introducing from foreign technology. It has the characteristics of high automation level, stable working performance, large output, high efficiency, reasonable structure and easy to use, etc.
3. The line is composed of conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum stereotype table, hauling-off machine, cutter and stacker. Mould to be customized according to actual drawings provided by customers. Different conical twin-screw extruders can be selected according to different profile sections and dies.
4. PVC profile has a variety of colors, high strength, high toughness, impact resistance, can be widely used in windows and doors base profiles and decorative materials with great consumer demand in the world.

Production Process Raw Material + Additive Preparation (Formula) → Mixing ( Mixer Unit) → Loading (Screw Loader) → Conical Twin-Screw Extruder → Customized Mould → Vacuum Stereotype Table → Hauling-off Machine + Lifting Cutter → Stacker → Finished product testing packaging

ModelYF180YF240Other Profiles
Products Max. Width / mm180240Customized
Screw Diameter /mm51/10565/132Customized
Extruder Motor / kw18.537Customized
Screw Max. Speed /r.min4034.7Customized
Central Height / mm10001000Customized
Capacity / kg.h80-120180-250Customized
Hauling Speed / m.min0-50-5Customized
Hauling Height / mm150150Customized