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Squeezing Press Dryer Pelletizer
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The Squeezing Press Dryer Pelletizer, plastic film squeezing press dryer pelletizing machine is for drying very thin film like LLDPE stretch film, LDPE film, PP film, PP bags,etc. To make pellets, granules directly from the waste wet films. The output material can be recycled by only one stage granulating machine.

The capacity of LLDPE stretch film Squeezing drying pelletizer is 500kg/h, 800kg, 1000kg/h.

Strong screw and barrel with same quality as extruder
Strong gearbox
Strong body frame
Output pellets directly
Moisture < 3%

The videos of Squeezing Drying Pelletizer:

More pictures of Squeezing Press Dryer Pelletizer @ Suzhou Believe Machinery Co., Ltd